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TSUMTSUM sandwich


mickey sandwich

It took 1.5 hours to make this sandwich...

It looks like Mickey Mouse, but isn't it too long?
You must have thought so.
But it is not just a Mickey-Mouse-shaped sandwich.
The secret is... the inside!!!

Let's go back in time and see! :)

tsumtsum cheshire cat charaben


・face : cheese
・nose, cheecks, ears, ribbon : ham
・eyes : lettuce
・whiskers : worcester sauce

★Cheshire Cat

・face : tomato
・ears, mouth : ham
・eyes, eyebrows : seaweed
・nose : tomato

tsumtsum greenmen charaben

★Little Green Men

・face : lettuce
・eyes : lettuce, cheese

tsumtsum piglet charaben


・face : ham
・eyes, eyebrows : seaweed
・nose : tomato

tsumtsum mike charaben


・face : lettuce
・eyes : lettuce, cheese

tsumtsum charaben

★Mickey Mouse

・face : bagel, cheese
・eyes, nose : seaweed
・ears : potato

So, it was TSUMTSUM sandwich after all!

tsumtsum sandwich