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cute cafes and shops

i also love to check out cute cafes and shops.
they don't have just tasty foods, but have more.

Rainbow Curry?!


I had the most unusual Indian curry ever!

It was... Rainbow Curry!!!!

rainbow curry

rainbow curry
Red : chicken curry
Orange : pumpkin
Yellow : scallop

rainbow curry
Green : spinach, cheese
Blue : potato, chicken

rainbow curry
Indigo Blue : chicken
Purple : flower bean

The curries came with two kinds of naans: plain and pumpkin.
rainbow curry

The curries were like paints!
rainbow curry

So, I could describe my favorite logo... :P

rainbow curry

They said that the curries were maid with some spices or flowers, not artificial colorants.
They looked strange but tasted Indian curry :)

KRISHNA Kitami main shop

Address : 2-36-4, Higashimiwa, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone : +81-157-22-5078
web :  http://denshobato.com/tokusen/kurishuna/top.tks